The 9th International Conference on Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine, hosted at Florida International University by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, is a forum for biomedical researchers, physicians, social scientists, and ethicists to address the ethical issues that accompany the rapidly accelerating development of health-related technologies and institutions. The 2018 meeting will include topics ranging from culturally targeted bioethics policy, ethics in STEM education, government regulation, neuroethics, health-research misconduct, societal implication of cutting edge bioengineering, and more. We are proud to provide a platform for our speakers.

We look forward to seeing you at ICEBEM9 in April at Florida International University.


Dr. Zachary Danziger (conference co-chair)


Keynote Speakers

Jonathan Moreno, PhD

Professor of Ethics in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. He has served on numerous panels in bioethics, including “Progress in Bioethics” at the Center For American Progress in Washington D.C. and is the author many books engaging with ethics of science, including “The Body Politic: The Battle Over Science in America”.

Kenneth Goodman, PhD FACMI

Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami in the Departments of Philosophy, Health Informatics, Public Health Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nursing and Health Studies, and Anesthesiology. He directs the Florida Bioethics Network and chairs the UHealth/University of Miami Hospital Ethics Committee. His long track-record of ethics research focuses on technology in public health, and is the author of the recent book “Ethics, Medicine, and Information Technology: Intelligent Machines and the Transformation of Health Care.”

Invited Speakers

Sheldon Krimsky, PhD

Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. He is the author or editor of over 20 books relating to science and ethics, including “Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers” and “Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth, and Culture”.

Wade L. Robison, PhD

Professor of Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the Department of Philosophy. He is the recipient of numerous National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships, was the President of the International Hume Society and is the author of the acclaimed book “Decisions in Doubt: The Environment and Public Policy.” His featured lecture at ICEBEM9 will cover the topic of how we bring our own value-propositions to even the most seemingly objective scientific issues, such as a simple graph of quantitative data, and how we can begin to understand this process and its implications.

Monique Frize, PhD

Professor of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University and Canada University Ottawa. She has worked as a clinical engineer and was the first appointed holder of the Nortel-NSERC Women in Engineering Chair at the University of New Brunswick. Her research interests include medical decision support systems and medical technology management. Her talk will cover the ethics of the implementation of regulatory frameworks that lag behind the rapid development of technologies that have broad societal impacts.

Panel Discussions

Ethical prevention and management of a hydrogen fluoride disaster

S. P. Croisant, MS, Ph.D, ; M. Mastrangelo ; and E. McKinney, JD, Ph.D


James Giordano, Ph.D., Georgetown University, Washington DC, and Jonathan Moreno, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania